18145 Main street    Jamestown CA, 95327

Thursday-Saturday 1:00-9:00 pm
Sunday 11:00-7:00





About Us

Bear Tent Brewing co was founded in August of 2017 in Jamestown CA by owners John and Ben. The idea for the project started in 2008 while on a 3 month backpacking trip in New Zealand. About halfway into the trip “ we were drinking a few beers and trying to figure what we should do with our lives”. We realized we liked beer and started coming up with ideas on how to start a brewery. When we came back to the states we brewed our first homebrew batch and the rest is history.

Legend Has it





The name Bear Tent came from a good friend Carlo M. De Ferrari who researched the brewery property and found in the local archives the story of the ‘The Old Bear Tent’

“approaching Wood’s Diggings from the west by the Stockton road, the dividing line between that camp and Ohio Diggings was marked by a large tent pitched adjacent to the trail upon which was stretched the skin of an enormous grizzly bear. Known as the “Bear Tent,” it housed a tavern in which the traveling public was provided with a wide selection of liquid refreshment and a narrow supply of miners food” – Carlo M. De Ferrari, All that Glittered